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THE SPHINX, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Wanderer, behold life's riddle, writ in stone
Last Line: Dwindle to nothingness before thee -- sphinx.
Alternate Author Name(s): Lake, Claude
Subject(s): Egypt; Sphinx

WANDERER, behold Life's riddle writ in stone,
Fronting Eternity with lidless eyes;
Of all that is beneath the changing skies,
Immutably abiding and alone.
The handiwork of hands unseen, unknown,
When Pharaohs of immortal dynasties
Built Pyramids to brave the centuries,
Cheating Annihilation of her own.

The heart grows hushed before it. Nay, methinks
That Man, and all on which Man wastes his breath,
The World, and all the World inheriteth,
With infinite, inexorable links
Grappling the soul; that love, hate, birth and death
Dwindle to nothingness before thee -- Sphinx.

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