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GROWTH, by                    
First Line: Below the troubled soil the rose lies
Last Line: Can annul nor tidal pain avert.
Subject(s): Flowers; Growth; Roses

Below the troubled soil the rose lies
Close and thornless in the dim-born root,
Granting the genesis of the flower
With the ready blindness of the foot:

Flesh accepting earth -- the feet walking,
Knowing nothing of the puzzled rebellious mind;
They carry the body forward, willing
To wear shoes, willing to be blind;

Feet clad in the meaning of motion,
Braced with the skeletal bone,
Following grooves with devoted obeisance
To the will that is walking alone.

When these garments described, these trappings,
Shall be loosened and laid aside --
Garments of movement, defenseless and heavy
With the measure and strength of a stride --

What then? And why must the rose bloom briefly,
And why must the senses walk
Through this labyrinth of labor
And these frenzied thorns of talk?

Somehow the feet lead forward
In spite of the heart and the hurt;
There is a growth no season's fury
Can annul nor tidal pain avert.

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