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A COUNTRY GOD, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: When groping farms are lanterned up
Last Line: And summer not to come again.
Alternate Author Name(s): Blunden, Edmund
Subject(s): Farm Life; Agriculture; Farmers

WHEN groping farms are lanterned up
And stolchy ploughlands hid in grief,
And glimmering byroads catch the drop
That weeps from sprawling twig and leaf,
And heavy-hearted spins the wind
Among the tattered flags of Mirth, --
Then who but I flit to and fro,
With shuddering speech, with mope and mow,
And glass the eyes of Earth?

Then haunt I by some moanish brook
Where lank and snaky brambles swim,
Or where the hill pines swartly look
I whirry through the dark and hymn
A dull-voiced dirge and threnody,
An echo of the world's sad drone
That now appals the friendly stars --
O wail for blind brave youth whose wars
Turn happiness to stone.

How rang the cavern-shades of old
To my melodious pipes, and then
My bright-haired bergamask patrolled
Each lawn and plot for laughter's din:
Never a sower flung broad cast,
No hedger brished nor scythesman swung,
Nor maiden trod the purpling press
But I was by to guard and bless
And for their solace sung.

But now the sower's hand is writhed
In livid death, the bright rhythm stolen,
The gold grain flatted and unscythed,
The boars in the vineyard gnarled and sullen
Havocking the grapes; and the pouncing wind
Spins the spattered leaves of the glen
In a mockery dance, death's hue-and-cry;
With all my murmurous pipes flung by
And summer not to come again.

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