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First Line: Look with what titan majesty arise
Last Line: Their single songs, and full-quired eloquence.
Alternate Author Name(s): Blunden, Edmund
Subject(s): Clouds

LOOK with what Titan majesty arise
Those sunset shapes, and indolently swift
Pursue a mighty journey through the skies;
How like embodying thoughts they sway and lift
And intervolve awhile, dislimn and cleave,
Rivals and friends! each kin, and each alone.
They give their genius and again receive,
One glory of rich union marches on.

So calmly flows the ocean air, so clear
The sight has grown, that those bright vapours gleam
Like souls, their rosy bodies move in a dream
And wish intelligent; they draw most near,
About to speak, to music their god-sense,
Their single songs, and full-quired eloquence.

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