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First Line: I loved her in my innocent contemplation
Last Line: I hailed, and listening loved and loved again.
Alternate Author Name(s): Blunden, Edmund
Subject(s): Chatterton, Thomas (1752-1770); Collins, William (1721-1759); Country Life; Green, Matthew (1696-1737); Nature; Poetry & Poets

I LOVED her in my innocent contemplation,
I felt before the need her consolation;
Where green-enshrined the spring-well tinkled down
I drank sweet music; the soft shadow brown
Of hazelled purlieus by deer-pastures made
My fancy's ambush. Down in the lawny glade
(Hope more than guessed) white sylvandom was dancing,
The wind-waved bough betrayed the wild sylph glancing.

Then pleased I thought, this country, mother of grace,
Was in her sons most fortunate. Every place
Half-shadowed, half-disclosed such consonant cares,
One would not haggle which were hers, which theirs:
The church was brother to the chestnut-trees,
The mossed bridge clasped his singing bride, gay Teise!
From every wall some golden blossom sprang,
Bells, tree-tops, rain and wind in one peal rang.

Thrilled and translucent with this ripe concent
I honoured her, but infant truth was pent
In wordless shell, the image of a bird
Waiting the sun-shaft and the magic word.
And on a day it chanced I found, beside
A window where the bee in the tea-rose plied,
Old versemen; honour's wise unjealous Muse
Woke me at last -- now not an hour to lose!
These sang my song, fresh as the garden air
That fluttered the dear pages, then and there;
From Grongar Hill the thrush and flute awoke,
And Green's mild sibyl chanted from her oak,
Along the vale sang Collins' hamlet bell,
And Chatterton's ribibles dinned in the dell;
While changing Seasons hymned one changless Form,
And the rainbow worshipped with the thunderstorm.

O Nature, maker, mother! what deep joy
Thus made a wild harp of a sauntering boy!
O honour, how enthroned by Nature's men!
I hailed, and listening loved and loved again.

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