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First Line: Heart of great hopes, glance of arriving day
Last Line: "come angelizing all that grin not ""is it thus?"
Alternate Author Name(s): Blunden, Edmund

HEART of great hopes, glance of arriving day,
Step of sure lightness, voice as crystalline
As music on the waters, come away,
And shun this cranked and cogged and loud machine;
Whose dusty motion too long looked upon
Commands a blurred and subjugate response,
And though you be the merriest soul, anon
Will have you. Rise, and baffle it at once;
From clockwheel, graph and gauge run gloriously astray.

That is not error, is not dreaming guess
When from the star unheavened the tragic light
Glares blue and makes the stone road bodiless
While the dumb farms lie drunken with midnight.
Where the wan woman in her dusky shawl
Flits past the stumbling horse and is but air,
There is the subtilty that bloods us all;
And long if on your white-armed love you stare
She's floatingly transfigured to this shepherdess.

In music playing let your life recline
And marvel not when at some gracious pause
Bright answer wakes and feels itself divine,
Yours is to chime response, not track the cause.
For there are gleams of sun and gleams of God,
And bells in heaven, and campanology --
Hear, and be sphered above; nor pry nor prod;
The sweet wind swelling through the choral tree,
The voice that ends a dream have borne a charm too fine.

When June's white-throated warm convolvulus
From the green hedge seems wisdom watching you,
Gaze, gaze and gaze; here's chance harmonious;
The old stone sunning by is watching too.
Fear nothing, so you have not strumpeted
The pride and essence which is yours and theirs;
They have their moments when they droop the head,
And when they feel the God whose beams and airs
Come angelizing all that grin not "Is it thus?"

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