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ROSA MUNDI, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: There in a solitude of silence slips
Last Line: -- but like a spy the shadow passed their enfilade.
Alternate Author Name(s): Blunden, Edmund
Subject(s): England; Landscape; English

THERE in a solitude of silence slips
The sun's red rose down to the damps of night,
The long grass soon will hide that saddening light,
Bloom past mature, touched with frost's embering lips;
All the earth eyes seem your way bent, red rose!
Lovestruck, the lark leaps up to hoard farewell
With one last flash, one pleasure more to tell;
The red rose falls, the dusky windwave flows

Through the concealing grass, tomorrow's hay.
The brown owl on the tall post mews and peers,
But that divine bloom's gone; the white owl veers
His body of a fish far down that way
Where dropped that petal. Along the cattled glade
The trees are weeping women, the pearled downs
Put off their glory, and the eyesight drowns
As though through tears, where the last blossom's laid.

And true, man finds himself to tears betrayed.
Though thought, youth, joy, laborious in the bright
Have manned their stratagems in tears' despite,
-- But like a spy the shadow passed their enfilade.

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