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First Line: Rooks in black constellation slowly wheeling
Last Line: Only in sweet content for england vying.
Alternate Author Name(s): Blunden, Edmund
Subject(s): England; Landscape; English

ROOKS in black constellation slowly wheeling
Over this pale sweet sky, and church-bells pealing
Our homely pilgrims to the fount of healing;

The cypresses that swartly gather nigh,
The grey conventicle that claims the sky
Where the white rugged road climbs patient by;

The day and hour, the obedience of good people
To the commandment singing from the steeple,
All speak a calm sea and a gentle ripple.

I bless my chance that finds me this deep leisure,
The voice of Sabbath with its lulling measure,
I bless this England for such serious pleasure.

And gravely as I go I reach that grove
Where once the Cavalier and Roundhead strove,
And think, this peace rewards their rival love:

I see them now at truce eternal lying,
With no hoarse trumpet summoning, none replying --
Only in sweet content for England vying.

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