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RECOGNITION, by                
First Line: In some forgotten grove of france
Last Line: When we two loved in france in guiltless guile.
Subject(s): Hearts; Love; Man-woman Relationships; Romance; Male-female Relations

IN some forgotten grove of France
I know we met as lovers, long ago,
And where the sunshafts with the flowers dance
We lived our little span of love's romance.
This is not fancy, dear, were this not so,
How could we each upon this moment know
Love's heart so well? How could we understand?
When first I saw you in the twilight's glow,
I also saw that dim, forgotten land,
And then I knew we had not met by chance.

For in your eyes the harebells found their shine,
The mellow sunshine, dreaming down the leas,
Is prisoned in your face; the slender vine
Which once you knew so well, has left its wine,
A boon to your rare spirit; while the breeze
That came with perfume from the southern seas
Found, long ago, a home within your hair:
And to your supple form the steadfast trees
Bequeathed their stateliness. — Ah, sweetheart fair,
It was in France you gained your grace divine.

Perhaps we two shall live and love awhile,
And then return where once we loved before:
Whatever fate's design, I know your smile
Will give me strength to live each weary mile
Of life's eternal highway; I will love the more,
Though stranger paths we walk beyond death's door;
But if our course leads through a thousand spheres
I still will recognize and still adore
The grace you gained in those forgotten years
When we two loved in France in guiltless guile.

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