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THE ANSWER OF BOSTON, by            
First Line: Boston! With all thy glory, thy history high with / praise
Last Line: Hath pictured the greater boston through the fearless, future years.
Subject(s): Boston Massacre; History; Historians

BOSTON! with all thy glory, thy history high with praise,
What shall ye write for record on the scroll of the later days?
The floods of time flow swiftly, and the nation's name is vast,
Shall ye leap to mighty life again or lapse to a pride of past?
Boston! whose heart was fearless, whose sons were sturdy and strong,
Shall the nation say thou once wert great, but history's years are long?
From the dream of the ancient greatness to the dreams of things that be,
Hast thou no vision, Boston, to show to thine own country?

They lie who say that the spirit of thy mighty men is dead!
The altar flames have smouldered, but the fire hath never fled;
Behold! the brands are burning — the temple wakes with life,
And the incense of old victories upon the air is rife;
Out of the ancient greatness comes the dream of things that are,
And high in the eastern heavens reappears the ancient star;
The nation hath called for visions, and thou in thy soul-wrung tears,
Hath pictured the Greater Boston through the fearless, future years.

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