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THE COMING, by                
First Line: The mansion of my heart, my love
Last Line: The happy, happy years!
Subject(s): Absence; Hearts; Love; Solitude; Separation; Isolation; Loneliness

THE mansion of my heart, my Love,
Through empty, idle years,
Stood in the hills of Loneliness
Beside the stream of Tears;
There were no sounds of minstrelsy
To wake its silent walls,
There was no feasting at its boards,
No laughter shook its halls.

I thought when you should come, my Love,
That I, who waited long,
Should open wide the mansion gates
And greet you with a song;
I thought I'd scatter garlands bright
Before you as you came,
While all the palace swift should sound
The accents of your name.

But it has not been so, my Love,
For scarce I was aware,
A glory fell upon the place,
Lo! you had entered there;
The hills were changed to Cheerfulness,
To Joy the stream of Tears,
And oh, the mystic music of
The happy, happy years!

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