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THE FINAL WAR, by                
First Line: Oh, east and west shall know not rest and the seas
Last Line: Then over the world shall be unfurled the one white flag of peace.
Subject(s): Blood; Nations; Patriotism; Peace; War

OH, East and West shall know not rest and the seas shall run blood-red,
When the fierce war-dogs of the world break loose from the thrall of their
resting bed,
There's a sign in the North and a sign in the South that blood shall flow no
But the signs of the stars say, too, that Mars must have his glut of war.

O God! what a hell the signs foretell of the final clash of the Powers,
When the great steel ships which their sons have built shall go to their testing

Then blood in the North and blood in the South and blood in the West shall flow,

And the old white priest of the hoary East shall reap blood as his woe.

We have set our seal on the might of steel, and the steel some test must find,
Ere we cast away the grim old dream and know that our eyes were blind,
There is but one door that leads to the light and Mars knows that right well,
He will give the word when his wrath is stirred which will loose his hounds of

Then East and West shall know not rest, and the flags shall dip in the red,
And the seven seas shall open wide to engulf the nations' dead,
And the stars shall smoke and the sun grow dark till the mighty carnage cease,
Then over the world shall be unfurled the one white flag of Peace.

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