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THE SOUL-PATH, by                
First Line: Out of my darkened vision
Last Line: To god I shall return.
Subject(s): Death; Soul; Dead, The

OUT of my darkened vision
Fast fades the spectre Night,
Fleeing in dumb derision
Before the angel, Light;
God has given decision
And now I see aright.

In flesh I was but dreaming
Of light when dark was fled,
But now that bitter seeming
Is vanished since I'm dead;
Truth undefiled is streaming
The million miles ahead.

Into the worlds unnumbered
My soul-path I can see,
I wake as one who slumbered
To win my destiny;
My soul is unencumbered,
Past is my Calvary.

I tread the ways diurnal
Through countless spheres of life
On to the new worlds vernal
With no foe and no strife,
Knowing the road eternal
Is with new marvels rife.

This is my soul's endeavor —
To reach at last His throne,
'T will take the vast forever
Before He can be known;
Till then my soul can never
Say it is all His own.

Each world's a state of thinking
(God is the pure, white thought);
I travel on unshrinking,
Living what He has taught,
Æon by æon linking
To Him the soul I've wrought.

Unless my soul is quickened
Upon each new-born plane,
I fall as one heart-sickened
To live it o'er again;
And only when unquickened
There comes the sense of pain.

All things that God created
At last shall come to God;
In flesh I was scarce rated
Above the dreaming clod,
But now with flesh unweighted
I am much nearer God.

But not so near as others
In countless worlds ahead,
My spirit-quickened brothers
Who, e'er men called them dead,
Learned that the sinning smothers,
And from the sinning fled.

Sometime in the forever
When all the truths I learn,
I'll win my soul's endeavor
And find the peace I yearn;
Though cycles now us sever,
To God I shall return.

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