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THE VALLEY, by                
First Line: I saw three mountains standing calm and clear
Last Line: "the peaks of peace,"" they said, ""the vale of pain."
Subject(s): Valleys

I SAW three mountains standing calm and clear
Against the samite dawn. Their peaks of snow
Dazzled with diamond-leaping light, as though
The parapets of paradise were near.
Between them stretched a valley, so austere
Methought it was the shadow-shore of woe,
The region of wrecked souls, the overflow
On earth of Dante's sad-scened under-sphere:
And pressing through that place unparalleled,
Searching for what in such land could remain,
A host of pallid people I beheld
Who strove to climb the halcyon heights in vain.
"What peaks? what vale?" I cried, by awe impelled.
"The peaks of peace," they said, "the vale of pain."

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