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THE VANISHED MOUNTAINS, by                    
First Line: Miles upon miles they toss, the wrathful waves
Last Line: For here the snowy peaks are seen no more.
Subject(s): Mountains; Nature; Travel; Hills; Downs (great Britain); Journeys; Trips

MILES upon miles they toss, the wrathful waves,
Without one point of land to mar the main,
And this you say is Neptune's primal plain,
Where now as in lost years he rants and raves
Meeting no barriers, cliffs, nor sounding caves;
Ah! had you viewed of old this wide domain
You would have glimpsed a mighty mountain chain
Disputing mastery of these ocean graves.
But age by age the sea-god beat them down;
His thunder-bolted waters shot the shore.
On one wild eve some sailors, like to drown,
Saw half the hills give way with fearful roar;
Now Neptune wears in peace his royal crown,
For here the snowy peaks are seen no more.

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