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First Line: O everlasting light
Last Line: Lord jesus, bless us now!
Subject(s): Jesus Christ

O Everlasting Light!
Giver of dawn and day,
Dispeller of the ancient night
In which creation lay.
O Everlasting Light!
Shine graciously within!
Brightest of all on earth that's bright,
Come, shine away my sin!

O Everlasting Rock!
Sole refuge in distress,
My fort when foes assail and mock,
My rest in weariness!

O Everlasting Fount!
From which the waters burst,
The streams of the eternal mount,
That quench time's sorest thirst!

O Everlasting Health!
From which all healing springs;
My bliss, my treasure, and my wealth,
To Thee my spirit clings!

O Everlasting Truth!
Truest of all that's true;
Sure Guide of erring age and youth,
Lead me and teach me too!

O Everlasting Strength!
Uphold me in the way;
Bring me in spite of foes at length
To joy, and light, and day!

O Everlasting Love!
Wellspring of grace and peace,
Pour down Thy fullness from above,
Bid doubt and trouble cease.
O Everlasting Rest!
Lift off life's load of care!
Relieve, revive this burdened breast,
And every sorrow bear.

Thou art in heaven our all!
Our all on earth art Thou;
Upon Thy glorious name we call;
Lord Jesus, bless us now!

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