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A SLEEPY SONG, by                    
First Line: Now I'll put on your nice little evening coat
Last Line: My baby! My baby!

(For a little girl)

Now I'll put on your nice little evening coat,
And button it all the way down--
We'll take a nice ride in mother's own cart,
And ride into Sleepy Town.
We'll make a short call at Nappy's store,
And buy a nice dream or two,
And then we'll drive home in the starry night,
Through the hush of the flow'rs and dew.
My baby!

Then we'll untie the dream from Nappy's store
And roll up the string of gold,
And undo the paper of lovely blue
And see what dear Nappy sold.
Oh, my! what a beautiful, beautiful dream!
All little girls dressed in pink.
With dear little ponies and silver carts.
Now we're ready to ride, I think.
My baby! My baby!

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