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I'M DYING, COMRADE, by                
First Line: I think I'm dying, comrade
Last Line: Is calling me from life.
Subject(s): American Civil War; Martyrs; United States - History

I think I'm dying, comrade,
The day is growing dark;
And that is not the bob-o-link,
Nor yet the meadow-lark:
It cannot be the distant drum;
It cannot be the fife,
For why should drum, or bob-o-link,
Be calling me from life?

I do not think I'm wounded;
I cannot feel a pain;
And yet I've fallen, comrade,
Never to rise again.
The last that I remember,
We charged upon the foe;
I heard a sound of victory,
And that is all I know.

I think we must have conquered,
For all last night it seemed
That I was up in Paradise --
Among the blest, it seemed.
And there, beside the Throne of God,
I saw a banner wave,
The good old Stars and Stripes, my boy,
O'er victory and the grave.

A hundred thousand soldiers
Stood at the right of God;
And old John Brown, he stood before,
Like Aaron with his rod:
A slave was there beside him,
And Jesus Christ was there;
And over God, and Christ, and all,
The banner waved in air.

And now I'm dying, comrade,
And there is old John Brown
A standing at the Golden Gate,
And holding me a crown.
I do not hear the bob-o-link,
Nor yet the drum and fife;
I only know the voice of God
Is calling me from life.

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