Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, MARCELIA; A TRAGICOMEDY, SELECTION, by FRANCES BOOTHBY

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First Line: What strange effects of fortune do I prove!
Last Line: The brave, their bodies, makes their troubles urn.
Subject(s): Fortune; Grief; Love; Soul; Sorrow; Sadness

Marc. What strange effects of Fortune do I prove!
How variously she in my life doth move!
A Prince so brave, and in his Power so great,
Forc'd to beg favors humbly at my feet:
She never for thy glory more could do,
Then she in that, Marcelia, did for you.
Pride could not raise, nor swell my hopes more high,
Then she has given me Power to satisfie:
Nor can she bring my heart to more distress,
Then she has done in all my happiness:
Then bribes me with a Crown to be content,
And makes Ambition prove Loves Monument.
But love, if true, did never Power know,
That greater, then it self, could ever grow;
But that of Heaven; when it within the Soul
Does monstrous prove, and Virtue would controul.
No, no, I still must love whilst I have breath;
Nothing can give my passion date, but death.
But that Lotharicus mayn't pleasure take,
To think that his doth sleep, and mine doth wake;
I'le force my courage, give me to thee King,
Though I shall be a heartless offering:
And on a Throne in secret mourn that Fate
Destroy'd his Love, and rais'd me to such State.
As Princes ought, I then will act my part,
Not make my face prospective to my heart;
Nor give the Kings contentment cause to doubt,
When his confin'd, my Love does wander out:
My griefs and passions all shall inward burn;
The brave, their bodies, makes their troubles Urn.

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