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TO A SQUIRREL, by                
First Line: I made a cagey friend today who I think is worth the price
Last Line: Without a word of thanks.
Subject(s): Ingratitude; Ungratefulness

I made a cagey friend today who I think is worth the price
And though he seemed amicable
He was a hard one to entice.
And even when he reached the point where I offered him my hand
He watched and smelled the contents
Like it were contraband.

I saw him on the fire escape that's just across the way
And beckoned him by subtle knocks
That this was feasting day.
He lifted up his ears intent on my intriguing call
Then bounded off in playful glib
Not interested at all.

But soon the fascination of the knock stopped him again
And his steel grey head and capricious eyes
Turned toward my window pane.
It looked like food, and food is scarce with snow upon the ground
So up he came with chattering teeth
Like a yelping, hungry hound.

I then laid on the window sill a feast to shame a court
But still he kept his distance and
Insisted to cavort.
Then with the bravery of a lion he made his brave affront
And figured if my hand were there
That I would bear the brunt.
And so as I would inundate his bulging little turn
He would chew away voraciously

And never miss a crumb.
My larder showed a quick decline and soon an empty till
But he seemed just as pleased, in truth,
For he'd eaten to his fill.

It almost seemed invective as he turned before he went
And gave a crafty look at me
As he felt his fun was spent.
And then without another word he went about his pranks
And left me standing in my dearth
Without a word of thanks.

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