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OCTOER WOODS, by                    
First Line: Come, let us roam the october woods
Last Line: Until her sun is setting.
Subject(s): October

Come, let us roam the October woods,
Just you and I together,
No other time or clime can know
Such rare, such bracing weather.

The maples, hickories, oaks, are decked
As for a royal function,
And lingering birds, all loath to go,
Still sing with sweetest unction.

The leafy paths are carpeted
As for a royal palace;
The waters from the singing brook
Would fitly grace a chalice.

The sun, the mild October sun,
His journey now is hastening,
And, lest we feel his speel too much,
The morning air is chastening.

Just as in years gone by, dear friend,
We felt his spell around us,
So after many changing years,
October's lure has found us.

Then let us roam the autumn woods,
All brooding cares forgetting,
And drink October's glories in
Until her sun is setting.

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