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First Line: A nation's birthday breaks in glory!
Last Line: "give ireland liberty!"

A NATION's birthday breaks in glory!
Songs from her hills and valleys rise,
And myriad hearts thrill to the story
Of freedom's wars and victories;
When God's right arm alone was o'er her,
And in her name the patriot band
With sacred blood baptized their land,
And England's lion crouch'd before her!
Sons of the Emerald Isle!
She bids you rend your chain,
And tell the haughty ocean-queen,
Ye, too, are free-born men!

Long has the world look'd on in sorrow,
As Erin's sun-burst set in night;
Joy, joy! there breaks a brighter morrow,
Behold a beam of morning light!
A ray of hope her night redeeming;
And she greets it, though there lower
England's scaffolds, England's Tower,
And though hireling swords are gleaming.
Wild shouts on every breeze
Come swelling o'er the sea, --
Hark! 't is her starving millions cry,
"Give Ireland liberty!"

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