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NAN'S SONG, FR. MIDSUMMER EVE, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Hou, hou' went the neatherd moaning
Last Line: "hou, hou"" neared the neatherd's calling."

"HOU, Hou" went the neatherd moaning
Down along by the pasture's side;
He turned the cows at the midden-yard loaning,
The loitering cows in the brown owl-tide:
Pale rose the last one, munching, droning,
With wet grass-stains on her udder and hide.

My lantern's rings to the low balks floated
As Whitey's tail shook the mistal-sneck;
When I laid my cheek to her belly spotted
I felt her honey-strong breath in my neck,
For she turns her head does the curd-dark throated
To watch my mouth start her teats with a peck.

Dusked seemed the eve as the cows trod in
Under the roof-drip, each to her stalling;
Full udders crusht shagged thighs between
Were warm to my hands in the chill air's palling;
And through the wind's drifting of leaves yet green
"Hou, Hou" neared the neatherd's calling.

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