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NEW MOON, by                    
First Line: I dreamed that cupid had lost his bow
Last Line: And the bow was just the new moon!
Subject(s): Dreams; Moon; Nightmares

I dreamed that Cupid had lost his bow,
And I saw it tonight in the sky,
Caught on the tip of a silver cloud
As it slowly drifted by.

I wondered if he had been shooting at stars,
And the arrow, released from his bow,
Could have found a goal in the heart of Mars
Where the war clouds hang so low....

And then, to my joy, I dreamed it had,
(The god had fallen far!)
The princely victim of Cupid's dart
Was courting the evening star!

My heart was a song as I visioned the world
At peace with itself, and in tune.
I awoke ... to find it only a dream,
And the bow was just the new moon!

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