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First Line: Keen is the clear deep vault of night
Last Line: Boreas molds the sullen storm.
Subject(s): December; Frost; Nature; Storms

Keen is the clear deep vault of night,
Far aslant at noon hangs dull the sun;
From an avenging shadow sprite
The daylight nymphs seem forced to run.
Tense frost the brooks of the mountain hold,

The valley is smothered, enshrouded the lake;
Wild blares the wind from Northern Pole,
Warning winged stragglers the marsh to forsake
For a sunnier clime. In tones of awe
The shrill night voices carnival keep
With the pale moon. Now Nature will draw
Slumber robes hastily 'bout her form,
And while she yields to the angel Sleep,
Boreas molds the sullen storm.

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