Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, SUBJECT LOVE, FOR THE VASE AT BATHEASTON VILLA, by JANE BOWDLER

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First Line: With bow unstrung, and arrows broke
Last Line: And sense and reason shall adore.'
Subject(s): Courtship; Cupid; Hearts; Love; Passion; Eros

WITH bow unstrung, and arrows broke,
Young CUPID to his mother ran,
And tears fast flowing as he spoke,
He thus his sad complaint began:——

"Ah! where is now that boasted pow'r
"Which kings and heroes once confess'd?
"I try my arrows o'er and o'er,
"But find they cannot reach the breast.

"I seek the rooms, the play, the ball,
"Where Beauty spreads her brightest charms;
"But lost in crowds my arrows fall,
"And Pleasure slights my feeble arms.

"Yet real pleasure is not there,
"A phantom still deludes their aim;
"In Dissipation's careless air
"They seek her charms, but seek in vain.

"Here Pride essays my darts to throw,
"But from her hand they ne'er can harm,
"For still she turns aside the blow;
"Not Beauty's self with Pride can charm.

"Coquetry here with roving eyes
"Quick darts a thousand arrows round;
"She thinks to conquer by surprize—
"But ah! those arrows never wound.

"Here Cunning boasts to guide their course
"With cautious aim and sly design;
"But still she checks their native force—
"Touch'd by her hand, they drop from mine.

"Here Affectation taints the smile,
"Which else had darted Love around:
"The charms of Art can ne'er beguile:
"But where shall Nature's charms be found?

"While these their various arts essay,
"And vainly strive to gain the heart,
"Good-Sense disdainful turns away,
"And Reason scorns my pointless dart.

"Yet they to Love were once ally'd,
"For Love could ev'ry joy dispense;
"Sweet Pleasure smil'd by Virtue's side,
"And Love was pair'd with Innocence."

Fair VENUS clasp'd her darling child,
And gently sooth'd his anxious breast:
'Resume thy darts,' she said, and smil'd,
'Thy wrongs shall quickly be redress'd.

'With artless blush and gentle mien,
'With charms unknowing pride or care,
'With all the graces in her train,
'My lovely ANNA shall appear.

'Go then, my boy, to earth again,
'Once more assume despotic pow'r;
'For Modesty with her shall reign,
'And Sense and Reason shall adore.'

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