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HOLLYWOOD NOCTURNE, by                    
First Line: The tired boulevard
Last Line: So young -- is old.
Subject(s): Hollywood, California

The tired boulevard,
Dozing and off its guard,
Slips from its boots that creak with polishing
And rests its feet on the knees of the quiet hour --
Shifts the weight of its too important cloak
And lets its shoulders droop in the dark.
No challenge at the crossing,
Only a sleepy wink that seems to say --
"Take over, it has been a heavy day."
And then the turning upward toward the hills,
Into the fragrance of the woody road --
Here trees have spread their boughs
To catch the night, and hold its secret
In their certain strength.
They have not wearied in these hundred years --
And in the light
Of the soft dark night,
Only the boulevard -- so bold --
So young -- is old.

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