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OUT OF THE SILENCE, by            
First Line: I dreamed I stood by a beautiful river
Last Line: "o life, eternal and grand!"

I dreamed I stood by a beautiful river,
Its waters were deep and wide,
A cold, white mist rose cloud-like before me,
Concealing the farther side.

My feet were deep in the daisies and clover,
And the hills were tipped with dawn,
But I yearned for a glimpse out over the river
Where one that I loved had gone.

Though weary with waiting, I caught no signal—
No tidings came back to me;
There was only the sound of the pulsing river
Outbound to an unknown sea.

How vain, O life, is thy hour of dreaming,
A breath that is lost and still;
O hope, where now is thy beacon gleaming?—
An ember so blackened and chill.

Is every soul but a day uncharted,
To end at the fall of night?
Are love and wisdom and high endeavor
Snuffed out, like a candle light?

Ah no; from over the mist-hung river
Came the touch of a vanished hand,
And I heard the voice of my loved one saying,
"O life, eternal and grand!"

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