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JUDAS, by            
First Line: They called him king; and I would have no king
Last Line: Oh, god! Oh, god! Why did I do this thing?
Subject(s): Judas Iscariot (d. 30 A.d.)

They called him King; and I would have no King:
Let all be equal, ay, let none be best.
Why should the weakling John be ever pressed
Against his bosom, Peter urged to fling
His clumsy zeal about, while I must bring,
Forsooth, the bag behind, and feed the rest,
Never be praised or flattered or caressed,
Although so watchful in my stewarding?

They called him Son of God. In rage I saw
This vain idolatry. Was I not wise,
Not honest, not in truth administering
The holy precepts of our sacred law?—
Oh, God! Those pleading, tender, earnest eyes!
Oh, God! Oh, God! why did I do this thing?

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