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TAXCO, by            
First Line: Villages strange and lovely I have known
Last Line: She must have trailed her cloak along the grass.
Subject(s): Taxco, Mexico; Villages

Villages strange and lovely I have known,
But there is none that will not let me go
Except one mountain town in Mexico
That is a drowsy sunlit dream of stone.
The cobbled streets cling to the hills, the tone
Of many evening bells deepens the flow
Of peace upon the tiles and towers, that grow
As simply gay as mountain flowers have grown.

Taxco, your square before the church has stalls
With little awnings like a fleet of sail.
Beside their earthenware, women with shawls
Couch on the crowded ground with wistful hail.
Ah, mira Senorita! Could one fail
To give one's faith to Taxco when she calls?

The road to Taxco is a lovely thing,
Fitting itself to clamber and to keep
Appointment with small villages. The deep
Valley of Ixtla, still and simmering
With heat is spent and, like a piece of string,
The road binds up mountainous sheaves to leap
Down through the passes in a headlong steep
And break on Taxco like an upflung wing.

Near where the lonely peon drives his ass,
In borders blue the morning-glories shine;
I think the Virgin came to starlit Mass
And stood before the sacrificial wine,
All robed in blue, at some forgotten shrine ...
She must have trailed her cloak along the grass.

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