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First Line: As spring the winter doth succeed
Last Line: And at the most a simple mite.
Subject(s): Children; Home; Marriage; Puritans; Religion; Sickness; Worship; Childhood; Weddings; Husbands; Wives; Theology; Illness

As spring the winter doth succeed,
And leaves the naked trees do dress,
The earth all black is clothed in green;
At sunshine each their joy express.

My Sun's returned with healing wings;
My soul and body doth rejoice;
My heart exults, and praises sings
To Him that hear my wailing voice.

My winter's past, my storms are gone,
And former clouds seem now all fled;
But, if they must eclipse again,
I'll run where I was succoured.

I have a shelter from the storm,
A shadow from the fainting heat;
I have access unto his throne,
Who is a God so wondrous great.

O hath Thou made my pilgrimage
Thus pleasant, fair, and good,
Blessed me in youth and elder age,
My Baca made a springing flood.

O studious am what I shall do
To show my duty with delight;
All I can give is but Thine own
And at the most a simple mite.

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