Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, REDFIELD FARM, MICHIGAN, by HERBERT BUCKLEN BRADY

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First Line: At dawn the ragged sun - glints splash the morning - glories' lips
Last Line: "oh god, our country, our land for always!"
Subject(s): Beauty; Farm Life; Love; Mourning; Agriculture; Farmers; Bereavement

At dawn the ragged sun-glints splash the morning-glories' lips.
The humming bird seeks trellis-trove and honeysuckle sips.
The dew-flecked lawn's white post expanse lies piebald, shadow-split,
While lilies-of-the-valley yield to golden bees their bit.
Dew-brimmed, austere, the hollyhocks salute the glad new day,
As tiger-lilies nod their heads at China poppies gay.
Mid-morning, all the chores are done; the cows, at graze again;
The chicks and ducks and scolding hens, now picking in the lane.
The doves about their cooing cotes above the barnyard bow,
While squeal pink piggies shrilly at the paps of mother sow.
Gay-afternoon we cull the weeds from gardens filled with truck;
Or gather up the withered blooms and from the green stems pluck.
A rambler rosebush needs a trim -- the flowers will grace our table.
And suppertime comes none too soon when appetites are able.
Then after supper, chores again; and as the shadows lengthen,
One final errand of the day -- our humble souls to strengthen:
A little plot, a bit to west where oak trees hide its view,
Beckons, and we silently tread; our twilight chore is due.

There's a gate of white and a high fence 'round,
And we enter in on hallowed ground.
There are urns and ferns and beds of flowers.
There are hanging baskets and lily bowers.
The oaks majestically cast their spell,
There's little of mourning, nothing of knell.
There's a trellis or two and a wild rose bush.
Sometimes we hear the song of a thrush.

But we busy ourselves lest we give in to tears;
And we water the flora our sacred ground cheers.
Yes, there's grandma, and grandpa, father beside;
Aye, there're more generations here side by side.
And as the sun sinks there are tears in its rays
"Oh God, our country, our land for always!"

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