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A RAINY DAY, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: It rains. What lady loves a rainy day?
Last Line: -- such are not sad, e'en on a rainy day.
Subject(s): Rain

IT rains. What lady loves a rainy day?
Not she who puts prunella on her foot,
Zephyrs around her neck, and silken socks
Upon a graceful ankle -- nor yet she
Who sports her tasseled parasol along
The walks, beau-crowded on some sunny noon,
Or trips in muslin, in a winter's night
On a cold sleigh-ride -- to a distant ball.
She loves a rainy day who sweeps the hearth,
And threads the busy needle, or applies
The scissors to the torn or threadbare sleeve;
Who blesses God that she has friends and home;
Who, in the pelting of the storm, will think
Of some poor neighbour that she can befriend;
Who trims the lamp at night and reads aloud,
To a young brother, tales he loves to hear;
Or ventures cheerfully abroad, to watch
The bedside of some sick and suffering friend,--
Administering that best of medicine,
Kindness, and tender care, and cheering hope;
-- Such are not sad, e'en on a rainy day.

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