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First Line: With gallant sail and streamer gay
Last Line: The home of him that's on the sea.
Subject(s): Sea; Ocean

WITH gallant sail and streamer gay,
Sweeping along the splendid bay,
That, thronged by thousands, seems to greet
The bearer of a precious freight,
The Cadmus comes; and every wave
Is glad the welcomed prow to lave.
What are the ship and freight to me --
I look for one that's on the sea.
"Welcome FAYETTE," the million cries;
From heart to heart the ardor flies,
And drum, and hell, and cannon noise,
In concord with a nation's voice,
Is pealing through a grateful land,
And all go with him. -- Here I stand,
Musing on one that's dear to me,
Yet sailing on the dangerous sea.
Be thy days happy here, FAYETTE--
Long may they be so -- long -- but yet
To me there's one that, dearest still,
Clings to my heart and chains my will.
His languid limbs and feverish head
Are laid upon a sea-sick bed.
Perhaps his thoughts are fixed on me,
While tossed upon the mighty sea.
I am alone. Let thousands throng
The noisy, crowded streets along:
Sweet be the beam of Beauty's gaze --
Loud be the shout that Freemen raise --
Let Patriots grasp thy noble hand,
And welcome thee to Freedom's land;--
Alas! I think of none but he
Who sails across the foaming sea.
So, when the moon is shedding light
Upon the stars, and all is bright
And beautiful; when every eye
Looks upwards to the glorious sky;
How have I turned my silent gaze
To catch one little taper's blaze: --
'T was from a spot too dear to me,
The home of him that's on the sea.

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