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THE DEPARTURE OF PIERROTT, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: We have housed, my columbine
Last Line: Where the sons of earth carouse.
Subject(s): Poetry & Poets

WE have housed, my Columbine,
With our songs and books and dreams,
Quiet and content it seems
Through the winter's cloud and shine.
In our lithe attic room
Looking o'er the city square,
Quite outside the world of care,
All unaltered by its gloom, --
Thou and I, my Columbine,
Let the world of men below
Unacquainted come and go,
In secludedness divine.
Ah, those nights, so long, were sweet,
And we shall not soon forget
Love songs sung in a duet,
Far above the city street.
And the company 'twas ours
To abide in -- Tennyson,
Shelley, Keats, and Emerson --
Joyed us in those winter hours.
So, my Columbine, together
We lived the long season through
Till March came, whose wild winds blew
Us to days of April weather.
All the first sweet dreams of Spring
Born again of new desires,
In me light unquenching fires
To be up and wandering.
Newer hopes have won my trust --
I but answer to the call,
April smiling over all
Fills my soul with wander-lust.
There is magic in the stir
When our mother April wakes;
Some wild riot in me breaks
When I feel the pulse of her.
On the slowly greening slopes
Something in the hanging haze,
Luring, leads my tramping ways
On a quest for April Hopes.
Nature keeps an open house,
I am bidden to her board;
And she fills me from her hoard
Where the sons of earth carouse.

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