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First Line: Broad smiles that flash at sight of cash
Last Line: Broad comedy—broadway!
Subject(s): Comedy; Laughter; Smiles

Broad smiles that flash at sight of cash,
Broad bursts of light high up in air,
Broad walks packed tight by day and night,
Broad-backed policemen here and there;

Broad palms that itch for tribute rich
From broadcloth garb with money in it,
Broad matrons viewed absorbing food
And getting broader every minute;

Broad streams of those whose looks disclose
They came across the broad pray-raries
To dance and dine where white lights shine
And gaze upon the merry-merries.

Broad tales that win a broader grin
From those who listen, quite unawed;
Broad signs that leer to bid you hear
Broad farces brought in from abroad:

Broad jokes that make the midriff quake,
Broad robberies at broad of day,
Broad fake, broad bluff, broad tragic stuff,
Broad comedy—Broadway!

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