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FIVE LITTLE WANDERINGS: 4. MANHOOD, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Sleep and wake and work
Last Line: For I dream of the roving still!
Subject(s): Maturity

Sleep and wake and work,
Work and sleep and wake,
Ever the same old irk,
Ever the same old ache.
The ache of a weary heart
That cries for the road it knew.
For the trail without a chart
For the path without a clue.

But I have fought it down,
The fever to go and go;
I'm bound to the roaring town
And the crowds that ebb and flow.
But the old-time memories hold
And the old-time voices call
Till I almost break from the fold
And follow the trail and all!

Sleep and wake and work,
Day after dreary day,
Penned in the city's murk,
Far from the wander way.
Yet, when the day is done,
Yet when the night birds trill,
Rovers all—I am one
For I dream of the roving still!

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