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First Line: You like to rise at six each day?
Last Line: I do not care, you do not care?
Subject(s): Conversation

You like to rise at six each day?
You like your coffee black and strong?
You can't eat veal at all, you say
Because it hits your system wrong?
And all the long, cold winter through
You wear thin summer underwear?
Well, though this stuff is doubtless true,
I do not care; I do not care!

I take a cold plunge when I rise,
My breakfast's always very light,
I find that it is most unwise
For me to eat a lunch at night;
I wear steel arches in my shoes,
I think a tonic helps my hair—
But though I state this all as news,
You do not care, you do not care!

Good Lord, the precious time we waste
Describing in minute detail
Our clothes, our food, our whims, our taste,
Until our talk grows dull and stale!
You speak of things that bore me stiff
And then I bore you to get square—
What use is conversation if
I do not care, you do not care?

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