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First Line: Said the man from walla-walla, 'you may think that I am loco'
Last Line: "so it's 'bye-bye, walla-walla, I am off to pago-pago'!"
Subject(s): Farewell; Parting

Said the Man from Walla-Walla, "You may think that I am loco,
But I hear the soft breeze mur-mur and I've got it in my co-co
To say 'ta-ta' to my homeland and be off to Pago-Pago
Where the bul-bul warbles sweetly over fields of rice and sago.

"When the choo-choo gives a toot-toot you will know that I have started,"
Said the Man from Walla-Walla, "you will see that I've departed
Far from ma-ma, far from pa-pa, like a convict freed from Sing-Sing
I shall fly to Pago-Pago where the birds upon the wing, sing.

"I will say farewell to Mi-Mi—one of Ziegfeld's Merry-Merry,
And I'll buy some agar-agar as a cure for beri-beri,
And I'll go to Pago-Pago; you may pooh-pooh all you want to
But life here is only so-so and I know where I will jaunt to.

"I will go to Pago-Pago where I'm certain that I'll have a
Little hula-hula maiden who will wear a lava-lava,
I will beat upon a tom-tom, primitive as any Zulu,
And I'll ride around the country on a gee-gee that's a lu-lu!

"Oh, the cares that now oppress me will be dead as any do-do,
I will eat the juicy paw-paw, and I will not have to blow dough,
Life will be a luscious bon-bon, joyously will night and day go,
So it's 'bye-bye, Walla-Walla, I am off to Pago-Pago'!"

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