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HERE HE IS!, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Jim's got back. An' who is jim?
Last Line: Jim's got back!
Subject(s): Gypsies; Travel; Gipsies; Journeys; Trips

Jim's got back! An' who is Jim?
Goodness gracious, ain't you heard of him?
He's the guy with the laughin' mouth
An' the fund of tales from the North an' South,
An' the stock of stories from the East an' West,
That'll pop the buttons off your fancy vest.
An' he's come home from the rovers' track,
Jim's got back!

Jim's got back—an' the old men say,
"That there Jim's got a tongue that's gay,
An' he sure is one amusin' cuss
When he sets around with a bunch like us."
An' the youngsters grin, an' the old maids smile,
An' the matrons fall for his bold-faced guile;
Oh, with women-folk he has got a knack,
Jim's come back!

Jim's got back! An' who is Jim?
Well, he ain't so much when you study him.
Kind of gypsy an' a kind of tramp,
Two-thirds blarney an' four-fifths scamp;
Lazy rascal with the travelin' itch,
A maverick that you just can't hitch.
But, Lord, who cares? When he lands in town
With his crooked smile an' his face all brown,
With his joyous charm an' his glowin' vim
Everybody greets him with a "Hi there, Jim!"
An' they lend their money to the carefree sinner,
An' they drag him home to the house for dinner;
For he brings a savor that their calm lives lack,
Jim's got back!

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