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IT'S HARD TO SAY, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: There are no feathers on a whale
Last Line: And talk and think about!
Subject(s): Learning

There are no feathers on a whale,
No fins upon a flea,
Nor fur upon the lowly snail,
Which seems unfair to me.
For ducks have feathers by the score,
And even skunks have fur,
And fish have fins and scales galore,
Why do such things occur?

You take a dormouse for a cruise
Upon a racing yacht,
And will it learn to shine your shoes?
Well, maybe, maybe not.
For how can anybody tell
What antelopes will do,
Or what insurance they can sell?
—I leave the case to you.

I've been about the world a bit
And yet I can't affirm
That gloves could not be made to fit
An ant or angleworm.
I've never seen it tried and so
I've never worked it out,
There are so many things to know
And talk and think about!

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