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MATRIMONIAL MELODIES: 2. RESTORATION, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Heart of my heart, when you pick up my paper
Last Line: Put it together again!
Subject(s): Hearts; Love; Paper

Heart of my Heart, when you pick up my paper,
As you will do, now and then,
If you don't like me in anger to caper,
Put It Together Again.

Pull it to pieces and mess up the sections;
I, the most patient of men,
Won't raise a row if you'll heed my directions:
Put It Together Again.

When you are through with it, when you don't need it
(Which will be Heaven Knows When),
Please give it back in a form I can read it,
Put It Together Again!

Put it in order. If you don't endeavor,
Somehow to do this, why then,
My temper'll bust and I doubt if you ever
Put It Together Again!

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