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MOTHER -- 1927 MODEL, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: She isn't a bit like the mothers
Last Line: Her heart's as old-fashioned as eve's.
Subject(s): Mothers

She isn't a bit like the mothers
You see on the stage and the screen,
You'd think that her sons were her brothers,
And when with her daughters she's seen,
You cannot tell which is more youthful
Except that, wherever they are,
You've got to admit—if you're truthful—
That Mother is smartest, by far!

There's not the suspicion of gray in
The neatly bobbed wave of her hair,
And as for her frocks, she is gay in
The shortest and sheerest they wear.
Her stockings are rolled and your glances
Will note she has beautiful knees,
She bridges and smokes, and she dances
As light as a leaf in the breeze.

No flapper has wit that is faster,
She knows all the up-to-date slang,
There's little or nothing gets past her,
For Mother is "one of the gang."
She knows what the lattermost vogue is,
She's wise to the things we discuss,
And though she might shock the old fogies
She's just the right mother for us.

For, if she lack old-fashioned laces
And caps, and black dresses with frills,
And if quite unwrinkled her face is,
Her wisdom is old as the hills.
And we understand one another
And with us she laughs and she grieves,
For though she's a new-fashioned mother,
Her heart's as old-fashioned as Eve's.

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