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NAMES OF ROMANCE, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Around the good world's wide expanse
Last Line: To lure me forth from home!
Subject(s): Names

Around the good world's wide expanse
Are places great and small,
Whose names fair tingle with romance—
And I would see them all:
There's Cairo, Fez and Ispahan,
Bangkok and Singapore,
And Trebizonde and Cagayan
And Rio and Lahore.

There's Sarawak and Callao,
Algiers and Kandahar,
Khartoum, Rangoon and Tokio,
Bombay and Zanzibar;
About the name of each there clings
Enchantment's golden veil,
The wonder of strange folk and things,
The glamour of the trail!

For some are north and some are south
And some are east and west,
And some are cursed with heat and drouth
And some with balm are blessed;
But Capetown, Rhodes or Disco Bay,
Shanghai, Seville or Rome,
Their names come singing down the way
To tempt me forth from home;
Their magic's ringing down the way,
To lure me forth from home!

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