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First Line: In matters intellectual she's somewhat ineffectual
Last Line: That such a lovely picture greets our eyes!
Subject(s): Beauty

In matters intellectual she's somewhat ineffectual,
She's more or less a dumbbell, as it were.
Her talk is sheer inanity, her head is full of vanity,
And yet you like to run around with her.
Her cookery's deplorable, but oh, her smile's adorable
And there's a wondrous magic in her glance,
She's lacking in ability or any true utility
But she's a floating feather in a dance!

She doesn't toil or spin at all or aid her worried kin at all
She doesn't help her mother or her dad,
It keeps those parents hurrying and figuring and worrying
To earn the dainty garb in which she's clad;
But when they see the pep of her, the grace in every step of her,
Her loveliness, her airy fairy style,
They cannot view her fretfully; and somehow unregretfully
They feel each cent they've spent is worth the while!

The butterfly is glorious, you don't become censorious
Because it doesn't labor at a task;
Perhaps it is undutiful but if it's gay and beautiful
That's just about as much as you can ask.
And when a girl is kissable, with prettiness unmissable,
Why moan because she isn't keen and wise?
We should assume an attitude of undiluted gratitude
That such a lovely picture greets our eyes!

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