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PAN IN PANDEMONIUM, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Pan went dancing up and down the city
Last Line: And danced back gaily to his sylvan sod!
Subject(s): Mythology - Classical; Pan (mythology)

Pan went dancing up and down the city,
No one saw him, cloven-hoofed and brown;
Pan went piping where the streets were gritty
But his notes were swallowed in the roar of town.

Yet Pan's long ears were attuned to listen,
And Pan heard whispers of the old Romance,
And Pan's bright eyes seemed to gleam and glisten,
And there was laughter in his pagan glance.

For Pan saw lovers where the Park paths wander,
And Pan saw lovers when the buses passed,
And Pan heard voices that grew sweeter, fonder,
On the wires that bind us in a network vast.

And Pan saw beauty that was Greek and slender,
And Pan heard kisses in the hallways dim,
And Pan saw glances that were blithe and tender,
So the cruel city couldn't hoodwink him!

Pan wasn't cozened by the jazz and clamor,
Wise and canny was the slim brown god,
Pan found the city full of love's glad glamour
And danced back gaily to his sylvan sod!

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