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First Line: Oh, captain kidd was a pirate bold
Last Line: And a lot of sardine cans.
Subject(s): Pirates; Sea; Piracy; Buccaneers; Ocean

(Pirates were really mere sea sneak thieves whose usual loot consisted of
nothing more than grain and other foodstuffs—SIR BASIL THOMPSON)

Oh, Captain Kidd was a pirate bold
Who sailed the roaring seas.
On many a trip he scuttled a ship
For the sake of a peck of peas.

With his Pirate Horde a ship he'd board
And battle from stem to poop
For some garden stuff and some canned plum duff
And a gallon or two of soup.

Old Blackbeard, too, with his evil crew,
All scoundrels of bloody ilk,
Would fight, perhaps, for a cask of schnapps
Or a cargo of malted milk.

They were steeped in crimes, and at various times
They battled in manner rash
For a mess of greens and some Boston beans
And a dinner of corned beef hash.

They would fight a fleet for some deviled meat
Or some real blackberry jam,
And die for the sake of a chocolate cake
Or a slice of cold boiled ham.

So the treasure hid by Captain Kidd
Or any old pirate bold,
Would prove, no doubt, if you traced it out,
To lack any sign of gold;

And when you'd dug like a doodle bug
Led on by the pirate's plans,
You'd find alas! some figs in glass
And a lot of sardine cans.

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