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REVENGE, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: You've shown me your albums of pictures containing
Last Line: But—I've got a camera now!
Subject(s): Cameras

You've shown me your albums of pictures containing
Five hundred diversified scenes,
I've nodded and smiled while you kept on explaining
Exactly what each of them means;
I've lamped every building and tower and steeple
And even pretended, somehow,
To like all your snapshots of quite unknown people
But—I'VE got a camera now.

I've heard of each view that you took, how you shot it,
The why and the where and the when,
I've heard of your lens, just how cheaply you got it,
Again and again and again.
You've told me the weather conditions surrounding
Each picture you've taken, I vow;
I've borne the whole thing with a patience abounding
But—I'VE got a camera now.

And I shall fill albums with people whose faces
Are quite unfamiliar to you,
And I shall take pictures of all sorts of places
Exceedingly boresome to view,
I'll show them to you, and I'll babble of lenses
Till weariness crinkles your brow,
I've listened to all of your kodaking frenzies
But—I'VE got a camera now!

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