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THE DEAD BRONCHO-BUSTER, by                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Ride him, cowboy, ride him!'
Last Line: And ride it among the stars!
Subject(s): Cowboys; Horseback Riding; Rodeos

"Ride him, cowboy, ride him!"
No longer on earth he'll hear.
So bury his rope beside him,
His saddle and other gear;
For the Indians do so-fashion
Whenever they plant a brave
And the broncho-busting passion
May last him beyond the grave!

For he was a hard-boiled buster
Who'd tackle the worst; who knew
Each trick that a horse could muster,
Each stunt that a bronch could do.
His trade was rough and chancy,
His ridin' would raise your hair
And I can't exactly fancy
Him twangin' a harp up there.

He wouldn't like life seraphic
Somewhere on a golden cloud
With angels directin' traffic
And saints in a holy crowd.
Nope, now that his job has wound up
I reckon the thing he'd prize
Would be a heavenly round-up
A rodeo of the skies!

Then bury his gear beside him
So he won't need to change
When "Ride him, cowboy, ride him!"
Resounds on the ghostly range.
He ain't the guy to psalm it
Hemmed in by no golden bars,
But he'll rope him a bucking comet
And ride it among the stars!

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