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THE DEAD ROVER, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: And so he is done with roaming
Last Line: He'll wander the astral trail!
Subject(s): Wandering & Wanderers; Wanderlust; Vagabonds; Tramps; Hoboes

And so he is done with roaming,
He never will seek again
The seas that are wide and foaming,
The towns and the trails of men?

Perhaps, but he'll find things zestless
In a heaven of placid bliss
And his soul will grow keen and restless
For the joys of the road he'll miss.

And I fancy the Lord, up yonder,
Will say, with a smiling face,
"Oh, venturesome soul, go wander
The limitless paths of space,

"Go ramble the huge scheme over
To the uttermost frigid star,
So, tramp as you will, brave rover,
With never a let or bar!"

And the soul of our friend shall render
His thanks to the Lord, all-wise,
And his face shall be filled with splendor
As he issues from paradise,

For the spell of the road shall bind him,
That magic which cannot fail,
And with never a glance behind him
He'll wander the astral trail!

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